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Connecting the dots: Young People, Social Inclusion and Digitalisation (Tallinn, Estonia 26-28 June 2018)

In June this year, the was invited to travel to Tallinn, in Estonia, to participate as experts in the Symposium “Connecting the dots: Young People, Social Inclusion and Digitalisation” organised by the European Commission and the Council of Europe.

The European Commission and the Council of Europe have agreed to include, in the 2018 work plan of their partnership, a Symposium on young people and digitalisation, connecting the themes of social inclusion and digitalisation. The overall goal of this partnership is to foster synergies between the youth-oriented activities of the two institutions. The specific themes of this event are participation/citizenship, social inclusion, recognition and quality of youth work. 

The Symposium will gather up to 120 youth policy makers, researchers, practitioners from youth NGOs and youth work from across the signatory states of the European Cultural Convention, as well as actors from the digital field, that, through their work, combat inequalities. It will explore the crossing between social inclusion of young people and digitalisation, reflecting especially on how digitalisation affects young people’s lives, and what the role of youth policy, youth work and youth research can be in this respect. 

It´s with great pleasure that our organisation will contribute to this process of reflection by sending a participant to attend the Symposium and to take part in the process of sharing knowledge, good practices and experiences. 

The will have the chance to share some of our campaigns, like the "Netizeship for Youth campaign", which includes activities in specific schools (students, teachers and parents) to sensibilize and demonstrate a responsible and ethical way to use Internet. These trainings are held on various topics, such as time management, licences and plagiarism, digital profile, depending on the school and the age of the participants. They introduce a collective work  for students under the term "the Guardian Angels of the Net". Their role consists in listing the experiences lived on the internet and creating a charter of good practices to adopt. The collaborative editing of this charter allows for anyone to comment each other's experiences. We believe this project is a idea worth spreading because it creates a space of sharing for students and a possibility to talk about positive, but also, uncomfortable or traumatic situations they may have encountered.

The outcomes of this event will be shared after the event through our site: