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Business2030 Project Concludes with Successful Multiplier Event at Geneva Management School

The Erasmus+ funded initiative, Business2030, has reached its final stages, culminating in a dynamic Multiplier Event hosted by the Foundation at the Geneva Management School (HEG-GE). This event, designed to promote the project’s findings and methodologies, attracted nearly 40 participants, primarily students and teachers from the Management Master program.

Combining the formats of a Multiplier Event and a Masterclass, the session offered an in-depth exploration of Business2030's key outcomes and teaching methods. The focus was on demonstrating the practical application of one of the project’s modules, specifically addressing the benefits of an extra-financial reporting approach for companies of any size, sector, or level of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) development.

Participants engaged in a Serious Game, where they adopted the roles of stakeholders in a Swiss hotel group to identify and prioritize CSR issues. This immersive exercise highlighted the importance of considering diverse perspectives in CSR decision-making.

Further, the session featured a practical case study of Eldora SA, the food and beverage provider for the university. This case study illustrated the transition from identifying CSR issues to implementing concrete actions and measures, providing participants with a hands-on understanding of how extra-financial reporting structures a robust CSR strategy.

The event was a resounding success, leaving attendees with a comprehensive grasp of extra-financial reporting and its critical role in sustainable business practices. As Business2030 concludes, the insights and methodologies it has generated are poised to influence the next generation of business leaders, fostering a deeper commitment to sustainability and CSR.