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Elderly ambassadors’ training session on Digital Collaboration in Switzerland

On the 29th of May 2021 some of our ICT4theElderly ambassadors had the chance to participate in an introductory workshop on Digital collaboration. This event was held in Grandvaux, in Switzerland.

This event provoked particular interest in our ICT4theElderly ambassadors as it focused on one real-life scenario reported as needed by our group of participants. They wanted to learn how to use mobile phones to take pictures and share pictures with their communities. It was also an occasion to raise their awareness on the free and open licenses and how they promote ethical behaviours. Our senior ambassadors had the chance to experiment with the group collaboration techniques presented. We used picture taking as our hands-on/ learning-by-doing approach to learn how to take better photos with smartphones, and make more informed use of mobile phones in general – be more aware of the different features and apps that they can be used for different purposes to make our lives easier.

This workshop was a great opportunity for our ambassadors to spend some time together and establish stronger bonds. We had the chance to have many interesting and important conversations that will help link the knowledge they will acquire during the pilot in Switzerland and later in Malta. Since last year COVID had us interrupt our project activity we believe this was an important moment to bring attention back to the project and restart the group building activities. This workshop will be followed by an additional training activity on the 8th of july focusing on (Intentional) digital communication and will continue with the final training in Malta in September.