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Kick-off meeting of the HEAL project

The new project E-HEALth Literacy had its first online partner meeting on January 2022 via Zoom. Five partner organizations from Greece, Lithuania, Slovenia, Switzerland, and Germany discussed the first steps of the project, which include desk research, the conduction of focus groups, and the creation of the blended learning curriculum.

The project E-HEALth Literacy was only in its first phase but the consortium was already enthusiastic about it. During the meeting, which was hosted by Stiftung Digitale Chancen, the five partner organizations paved the way for the desk research of the project and discussed what is going to happen in the following months. A big part of the work will involve experts in the field of e-health in order to support the development of the repository and the training kit. A focus group will be conducted in order to assess if and how e-health tools and services are being used and what kind of fears and obstacles still holding people back. The focus group will be carried out nationally in Greece, Lithuania, Slovenia, Switzerland, and Germany as the piloting countries. The results will be summarized in a report which will be published on this website.