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Wiki In Africa is helping to understand the concept of copyright in a positive and empowering way

Connor Dowthwaite, Thanasis Priftis

Free educational resources are very important in the French-speaking countries of the South, Wiki In Africa has chosen to work on the production of a free kit of educational resources relating to copyright. It is important for young people to quickly learn the basics of copyright, both as users and creators of content. Therefore, this wikibook offers a set of resources intended for teachers to carry out awareness-raising work on the concepts of intellectual works, copyright, Creative Commons licenses and good attribution practices when reusing documents/works produced by others.

(Author: Kevin Flood +Creative Flood - Wiki In Africa organisation, CC BY-SA 4.0, Source:

This educational resource kit consists of 3 modules with increasing difficulty; the first module being more intended for children aged 9-13, and the following two modules intended more for a class aged 11-15. The proposed material presents: 1) copyright information resources for faculty; 2) materials to use in class with the students; and 3) suggestions and instructions for activities to be carried out with the young people. All the contents offered in the kit are published under a free license. This means (among other things) that all these contents can be reworked and adapted to the situation of the country, the school or according to the age of the pupils!

(Author: Anthere + Islahaddow + Creative Flood, CC BY-SA 4.0, Source:

The book has been designed more specifically for African students studying in schools often without books or internet connection. Some deliberate design choices are:

  1. The wikibook is made available on the internet on the site, but it is also made available for use in an offline situation (for example in the form of a downloadable file to be added to tablets, servers, or local computers).

  2. As far as possible, the documents offered in the wikibook do without these specificities or failing that, do not all adopt the point of view of a given country;

  3. The material gathered in the wikibook aims to help young people to gently discover the concepts of copyright and to enable them to acquire the skills expected of future digital citizens. The equipment avoids offering exercises that could not be applied in a disconnection situation;

  4. The characters, their first names, the illustrations, the example photos, the proposed scenarios reflect African culture and draw heavily from visuals produced by members of the African wikimedia and vikidia communities within the framework of WikiAfrica projects.

The content offered tries to approach copyright from a positive and creative angle rather than a repressive one. To a large extent, the student is positioned as a creator of content rather than a simple user. Designed and produced by Florence Devouard, with the essential help of Isla Haddow-Flood, this wikibook has received support from Creative Commons as one of 6 projects selected under the CC Open Education Platform Activities Fund

(Author: Anthere + Islahaddow + Creative Flood, CC BY-SA 4.0, Source:

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