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SlideWiki Platform Release Webinar 2018

The Foundation is carrying out external trials and polls in collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences in Geneva (HESSO - HEG/GE) for the SlideWiki project. Today SlideWiki, funded by the European Union, has invited all its external subcontracted partners to a platform release webinar with the newest informations, as well as a Q&A. 

The SlideWiki platform aims at creating a large scale accessible learning and teaching platform using educational technology, skill recognition and global collaboration. On the SlideWiki platform, presentations, especially open teaching and learning  materials, i.e. Open Educational Resources (OER), can be jointly created, edited, updated, changed and accessed. Moreover SlideWiki is an OpenCourseWare platform for sharing slide decks according to the FAIR data principles. 

Additionally, SlideWiki aims at giving the users the possibility to earn badges for online courses they finished successfully and that way making the MOOC's (Massive Open Online Courses) more worthwile. Besides that, the SlideWiki team confirmed that there is no plan to make any content that gets uploaded onto the platform private. All content is to be open and free for all users.